Tetsugyuji International Zen Temple in Oita Prefecture will hold an intensive beginners meditation retreat April  11th – 14th. The Head Abbot of Tetsugyuji is Reverend Paul Tesshin Silverman, he will be returning to Oita from New York to hold this special retreat in English. Prior to his relocation to New York twenty years ago, Rev. Silverman held these very popular retreats on a regular basis. Participants for this powerful, intensive Zen training will be limited to the first 25 applicants. 
Details: Participants need to arrive at Oita train station by 6pm on Thursday. They will all be picked up at the station Duncan Donuts at this time. Anyone arriving afterwards will need to get a taxi and get to the temple on their own. Participants will be returned to the station on Sunday by 4pm. Our retreats are liquid fasts with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Past participants report not being hungry at all with the abundant fresh juices/teas served. The cost for the retreat is thirty thousand yen (Y30,000.00). To make reservations, ask questions and get more information please contact us at: pjsilverman@gmail.com